Love Orbitals #2 – The Reply

Love is all around us, darling
Love is in the air
If you know just how to look, then
Love is always there.

Love is sweet when all is fine, and
Life is free of care,
Love is when death kisses life
Extinguishing despair.

Love is when you name the rainbow
And the skies your own,
Love is when the road is your bride
And the earth your throne.

Love is what makes beautiful, love
Transfigures the plain,
If you love and lose, still, my dear
You will love again.

Love is how to lend their redness
To this season’s rose,
The darling flowers of yesteryear
Die and decompose.

Love is light and bright, my sweetheart,
Love is like a song
Sing it with your own voice, my dear,
And you won’t go wrong.

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