Love Song 2020

You field
I grass
You gold
I brass

You matchstick
I flame
You Xbox
I game

You coffee
I tea
You flower
I bee

You passcode
I lock
You sneaker
I sock

You KitKat
I Perk
You sashay
I twerk

You mountain
I sea
You meadow
I tree

You castle
I tower
You garden
I bower

You duct-tape
I stapler
You Galileo
I Kepler

You pager
I fax
You surcharge
I tax

You moonlight
I cloud
You coffin
I shroud

You fire
I smoke
You punchline
I joke

You broom
I handle
You wick
I candle

You street
I curb
You book
I blurb

You wall
I clock
You ship
I dock

You guitar
I drum
You whiskey
I rum

You silver
I copper
You Joyce
I Hopper

You treasure
I map
You hip-hop
I rap

You grassland
I horse
You Semaphore
I Morse

You sunlight
I shade
You business
I trade

You date
I time
You rhythm
I rhyme

You category
I rubric
You Hitchcock
I Kubrick

You pepper
I chilli
You plainland
I hilly

You salmon
I pork
You ladle
I fork

You pizza
I noodle
You Pekinese
I Poodle

You traffic
I light
You airport
I flight

You Relative
I Quantum
You Penguin
I Bantam

You late
I early
You happy
I surly

You hatchling
I nest
You sunset
I west

You signpost
I bend
You beginning
I end.

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