(Modeled on a poem by Sukumar Ray)

‘The wind was rushing through her hair, it was a stormy night – ‘
‘It was a stormy evening, di – please get the story right!’
‘Her love was riding homeward, and with him the secret cure, – ‘
‘Not her love, her lover, di – she was not yet quite sure!’
‘The cure was for her sleeping mynah, bitten by a snake – ‘
‘The bird was in a coma, di, it was quite wide awake!!!!’
‘Her friends had told her – ‘It won’t live!’ Her father said it too, -‘
‘Step-dad, didi, – that’s the point! You silly didi, you!’
‘But she was hopeful, for she knew a very rare tree – ‘
‘It was a rare herb, you know. Re-read the book, didi!’
‘So she sent the bold young lover northward on a quest, -‘
‘Not to interrupt, but see, the story said north-west.’
‘By the Banyan tree she stood, and waited for him long -‘
‘It was a Peepul, really didi – you got it all wrong!’
‘So what, you punk? Wrong tree my foot! Who the hell gives a shit?
Get your own damn storyteller, worthless stupid git!
Come here you imp – you scrawny mongrel, let me box your head
You want a correct story, eh – well you get THIS instead!
Oh don’t you run, nit-picker – I won’t let you out of sight ! –
Come here, you – you piece of crap – I’ll show you what is right ..! …’

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