Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam: Two Words that Mean Everything

Ants in My Pants

Personal opinion: this story should not be something people want to read.

It should be the equivalent of someone telling you they ate chicken for dinner last night.

Big whoop.

My point is, this kind of experience I’m about to fondly talk about should be such a regular installation in everyone’s life that, to not be this way, would become the thing we talk about- but I’ll get there.

After an absolutely stunning (and I do mean views with paralyzing potential), 54 kilometer adventure to the 16,000-foot summit of India’s most popular trek, Roop Kund, we made our final descent down the slopes into the village of Wan.

We had literally climbed into the clouds, seen the infamous skeletons strewn about at this frozen, high-altitude lake in the Himalayas (which, by the way, still no one can figure out where these 1,200 year-old skeletons came from or why they…

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