Sometimes in life you are left alone. This is very bad, because left alone means you have been left alone by others, so there must have been others in the first place. They should not have left you alone, but they did it anyway, so you are alone. But it is very difficult to keep being alone for very long. It is impossible to stay alone for ever.

This is why we love friendship. Friendship is very useful, because it keeps us alive. If we have friendship, then we don’t have to be scared of being alone, because we have friends. Friends don’t leave anyone alone.

But sometimes we cannot have friendship. Friendship can sometimes be hard to find, too big to hold, too costly, or hard to get in some other way. When this happens, and we need to be not alone, – we don’t have friendship, we have friendboat.

Friendboat is a smaller type of friendship. It is easy to row, and lighter, and easy on the pocket. It does not have all the big rooms and decks of a friendship, and it has no sails also, but when you can’t have friendship and you are alone, it will surely save your life. A friendboat can fit about two persons, maybe more if we are children. It can also hold a little food, and water.

If you are left alone by others, and you feel bad, but cannot find a friendship, use friendboat. It will save your life, and keep you just as warm and dry as a friendship, at least till you get to land. Don’t be sad because you did not get a friendship.

When a man takes your hand to pull you aboard the speeding bus. When you help an old woman set down her bundle of firewood. When the little beggar siblings come and hug your knee for a five-rupee note to buy one sweet, and you buy each of them one. When you offer to leave your seat for the elderly passenger and he says it’s okay and smiles. When you are bored with crying and go online to spam on a thread with others whom you haven’t even met in your life.

Friendboat is there for you, everyday. 🙂

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