Adults Don’t Get It

People who don’t know what they’re talking about (i.e., adults) never get what our storybooks, movies, shows, sagas and characters mean to us. I have tried in vain to communicate that to us, these things are precious and sacred, so don’t disrespect them or look down at them in any way or we will hate you forever.

But they just don’t understand how it works. Their ‘brains’ get in the way.

I found a wonderful line today that phrases perfectly why these things are so important to us.

“These are shows that raised us while our absentee parents were trying to make a living.”

Yes, read that again.

It sounds unusual if we say “I was raised by Gandalf” or “The Justice League brought me up”, but that’s the truth, folks. It’s tricky but it’s true.

And if the future of humankind has any hope at all, it will be because we were raised by heroes given to us by the best of the bygone generations, and not average individuals with under-average standards and values.



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