Tale of Two Cities

They told me “NO SPOILERS”, so I will shoot holes in this one after I am done, leaving only those bits that we can see in the trailers anyway.

The director named the film Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. I have wondered many times why he chose such a lame name, “Dawn of Justice” was merely a tag, and the ‘first name’ sounded like a cricket match. Last evening I found out the actual reason. The title of the movie isn’t implying a brawl. It’s implying a court case. That’s how court cases are named. The claimant Vs the defendant. Batman has grievances with Superman. Superman pleads not guilty. Presenting before you – the case of the century – Batman Vs Superman.

This year has been a year of disputes and dilemmas. We began with the Daredevil questioning the Punisher. That was crucial, critical. Then we have the Bat questioning the superman. And coming up next is the vastest of them all – the Civil War. Questions and questions. Man is existential. Heroes are burdened with great power, and they take on great responsibility. Their existential struggles are of heroic proportions too.

“What right do you have?” – Isn’t that the million-dollar question.

These days they even ask what right you have to love them.

Ben Affleck proved everybody wrong, though. This is my favourite Bruce Wayne. The Bruce from Batman Begins is the best beginner Batman, this is the best veteran Batman. And the best veteran Bruce Wayne. And the only thing that can make him submit is not an army of aliens or his best friend the Kryptonian, but his butler Alfred.

Okay, nervous monkeys, I was not spoiling anything there. Alfred does not come to Superman’s aid and kick Batman’s ass. Chill.

Wonder Woman stole the show. Initially, I didn’t like Gal’s build, I thought she was too skinny. But I found, to my great delight, that this was a terrific Wonder Woman. The Batman was the most terrifying person in the movie, but Wonder Woman was the most spine-chilling. Scary, even. She ought to be, right? Superman is an alien, Batman is a mortal human, but this one is from Olympus, she’s a god. She is essentially the Thor of Justice League. Doomsday for Superman, maybe. But for Wonder Woman, just Tuesday.

She was also the sanest person out there. I wonder how many people will actually follow what she says in her lines, and realise she’s different than any other Superhero.

Speaking too much about Black and Blue would give away bits of plot, – but there isn’t much to give away. If you have read the books, there is even less to give away. Batman is dangerous and bad-ass as fuck. Superman showed why he was the movie’s hero. By the end, you get to know that the League is definitely coming. Talks were going around already. Throughout the movie, there were awesome moments. And awesome smirks and grins from all three of them.

There’s a curious point where ancient Greece, Marvel and DC has crossed over. It’s nothing, really. It is also pretty cool that Gotham and Metropolis overlook the same bay. That will probably prove convenient later on.

The real fun will begin after you all have seen the movie. Make haste! Oh, and here is an old map.

New Troy.jpg

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