The Nib of Death

Hark! The clotted nimbus rolls!
The sky reddens in pain!
The Nib of Death has woken, child,
The Nib writes once again!

The papers in the study room
Tremble and go white,
Cruel lightning slashes down
The answers left and right!

Oh child, beware, the Nib is out
To drink its fill tonight,
There is no sound more chilling, nor
A more appalling sight.

The Nib of Death, the Nib of Death,
It’s lips are sharp and red,
It’s teeth are iron burning-rods,
It’s eyes are cold and dead.

O Heaven, shield us here tonight,
For we tremble in fear,
The hope of seeing morn is far,
The fright of death is near.

Alas the hour when the Nib woke,
Alas my sorry life,
Alas the gleam of hungry light
On the Nib’s thirsty knife.

Run, run, children, run and hide,
For I have death in store.
Run far, run wide, and don’t come back,
Don’t come back here anymore.

*The End. Blood-curdling scream sounds.*


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