There are those who believe in God, and those others who do not call upon a God but believes in Good. When the question is asked, where is the proof that this Good exists, where can we see that it is indeed real, how do we know that this power can, and does change our lives for the better?

On this earth walk men and women of ordinary frame, yet of an extraordinary nature, who live their lives as torches to millions, and serve as friends to people they do not even meet in their lifetime. These people are blessed, and are themselves blessings to those who love them, and to me, this is the greatest proof that Good exists in this world. These people – artists, musicians, poets, visionaries, dreamers, philosophers – they are the Voice of the Universe, speaking to us of what we cannot yet put into measured words, inspiring us to go beyond frontiers and know ourselves endlessly. They connect to us on one hand, and to the Something that we have different names for on the other, and make life worthwhile as we speed from one Story to the next.

We have lost two of such people in the last few days.

Nevertheless, David Bowie and Alan Rickman peddled a light that does not die out. For every wizard who apparently leaves us, two more take the stage. That’s the magic these people work.

So let us lift our wands, and set them alight. We have shared our time here with amazing people, and they never really go away. As Dumbledore said – “After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”

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