Fable #2

Once upon a time, there was a race between a hare and a tortoise.

The hare knew he was a lot faster than most animals, and he also knew that the tortoise was very slow, so he was sure of winning. He just wanted to have some fun at the tortoise’s expense. The tortoise, being a mild mannered person, agreed. The starting point was a guava tree at the edge of the village, and the finish line was at the edge of the wood, marked by a bramble bush.

The race started, and within a few seconds the hare had left the tortoise far behind. Then he thought, ‘That slow thing will take a long time to get even this far. I might as well take a short nap.’ Saying this, he went to sleep under an acacia tree. After some time, the tortoise appeared on the road. He saw the sleeping hare under the tree, and quietly kept on walking. It had been a long time when the hare woke up. Startled, he saw the tortoise far away, almost at the finish line. He ran like hell. When the tortoise was about a foot from winning, the hare dashed past him across the line. The tortoise lost the race. The hare won.

Moral: Competitions between unlike candidates are always unfair.

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